Union is available for hire - for details please send an email to the address below.

After you've all gone home we often find various items left around the club. This includes wallets, phones, and items of clothing. If we can identify the owner and contact them we do, but this is not always possible. For items where we can't contact the owner our policy is to keep the item for four weeks after which the item is disposed of or given to charity.

If you have lost any item in the club please email us your contact details (see below for address) and we will get in touch with you. Please provide a full description of the item and the date/time and location you think it was lost.

Be aware that if we do have the item and you wish to collect it we will need to ensure it is yours before we can return it to you. For the return of items of clothing we just need a description/make of the item and the date it was lost. For the return of phones, or items such as wallets/credit cards we require a description of the item as well as some form of photo ID.


We are 2 minutes walk from Vauxhall tube, rail and bus stations. Note that we have two entrances - one on Albert Embankment and one on Goding Street so check which one is being used for the event you are coming to.


66 Albert Embankment